Our Business Intelligence Services are divided into 4 main areas. Your Company’s needs will likely fall into 2 or more of them. Contact us


Data Visualization (Dashboards) Our services focus on building dashboards, tables, reports, and other means to which to convey the information to the decision makers.
Data Definition (KPIs, Metrics and Indicators) By understanding your business with your help, we define together metrics for processes so that all the organization is aligned and the decision makers can analyze performance
Data Warehousing Building a Data Warehouse takes the overhead out of your production database. We put software in place to keep the Data Warehouse in sync. We work with all the mostly common databases and, when the data load is too large, we set up Big Data Data Warehouses using Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift
Data Science  Sometimes, analyzing data with spreadsheets can only get you so far. Things like sales forecasting is one of the many areas that can benefit from using advanced statistics